Meet MoonCat, a charming cryptocurrency token crafted by GEMINI AI for pure delight. Picture a white cat with big blue eyes, adorned with a crescent moon on its forehead, wearing a spacesuit, and playfully holding a rocket in its paw against a backdrop of a starry night sky. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, MoonCat doesn't boast practical uses—it's all about bringing joy. Created by the innovative minds at GEMINI AI, MoonCat is a whimsical fusion of art and technology. In a crypto world often focused on complex functionalities, MoonCat stands out as a lighthearted and creative addition, inviting users into a community bound by a shared appreciation for the imaginative and fantastical aspects of blockchain technology.

Our TokenomicsTokenomics



LP will be burnt after launch .



There is a total supply of 10B tokens .

Our RoadmapRoadmap

Phase 1

• Website V1 Launch
• Stealth Launch MOONCAT Token
• Burn 100% of Liquidity, cannot be pulled
• Apply for DexTools Socials so new members can find out more about us
• Begin Social Media Marketing, generate memes to show SpaceX and new community members our love for MOONCAT
• Reach 500 MOONCAT token holders
• Listing on Coingecko via fast listing
• Listing on CoinMarketCap

Phase 2

• Increase MOONCAT token holders to 1,000
• Build a community that is passionate about the future of MOONCAT and how AI will shape our world
• Introduce dApp on website, and integrate AI utilities and systems for MOONCAT holders
• Update Trustwallet logo
• Update Etherscan logo

Phase 3

• Website V2
• Audits and AMAs
• Onboard an international marketing team to focus on external strategies
• Get listed on bigger centralized T1 exchanges to expand our reach